Taught by Studio Artists
At Chez Claire Art School, classes are very small and therefore very personalized to the student's level. Some classes are for beginners and some for all levels. Classes are for adults (18+). I offer:
- Drawing classes
- Watercolor classes
- Acrylic Painting classes
- Mixed Media classes

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, there is a class for you at Chez Claire Art School. Join a class where you will be surrounded by other artists in a relaxed atmosphere under constructive guidance from Art Teacher Claire Gagnon. New classes open all the time. Classes take place in my studio at the Brush Art Gallery, 256 Market St, Lowell, MA.
For the full class schedule or to register, go to
Contact Claire Gagnon at or call 617-901-3873.

Brush and Paisley

Creation & Innovation: Art is a safe venue for children to express their individuality, dreams and ideas. It is enjoyable and it is a fun way to engage children from all walks of life.

Improves Student Achievement: Student achievement improves when the arts are included in overall education. Children who receive art & music are four times more likely to be recognized for academic excellence.

Art Requires Observation, Reflection & Implementation: Creating art requires children to observe their subject matter, interpret art and reflect on how it connects with their life.

Cultural Acceptance: According to the National Art & Education Association, art helps children think globally. Art exposure of diverse cultures and viewpoints help children accept differences in their peers and in society.

Problem Solving: Art projects force children to create action plans and achieve project goals. Children learn to utilize their time, materials and individual skills to create and finalize their art creation.

Brush and Paisley Classes (Raksha Soni)