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I see jewelry as a statement about who we are as individuals. How and with what we choose to adorn ourselves is a part of each of our stories...a dramatic window into our individuality which says much about how we see ourselves.

I'm greatly inspired by the natural and ethnic... especially that which is perfect in it's imperfection. My designs are driven by texture, color and shape, often with the unexpected added either as a bit of whimsey or a twist on what is expected. My pieces are most often accented by various beads and hand wrought metal work of sterling silver, copper, brass and or any other metal that falls into my sphere which can be pounded, forged, bent, drilled, riveted, sawed or explored in a design sort of way.

Throughout history people have adorned themselves and I feel honored to be participating in today's adornments through my jewelry designs.

Penny Cox

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The Brush Art Gallery & Studios
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