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Brush Gallery's Art Quilts Lowell 2011:The Sea
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This exhibition is open to all artists who reside in the United States and Canada.
The theme of this year's exhibition is the sea.


ART QUILTS LOWELL 2011: The Sea.   August 6 through September 10, 2011.
We are pleased to announce that the Massachusetts Cultural Council has given the Brush a generous grant in support of our Art of Nature Exhibition Series. This year we are including Art Quilts Lowell in the Art of Nature series. The theme of Art Quilts Lowell 2011 is the sea and the subject matter of your entries should reflect that.

Juror: Gerald Roy, Member, Executive Board, National Quilt Museum, Paducah, KY; Chair, Acquisitions Committee; Member, of National Advisory Board, Administrator, Quilt Appraisal Certification Program - American Quilters Society, Paducah, KY; Acquisitions Board: New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA.

Quilt artists who are residents of the United States and Canada. The theme this year is the sea.

High resolution (300 DPI) images on CD will be viewed and selected by a juror to be determined.

Artists may submit up to three entries. A complete view and a detail view of each piece for a total of six images are encouraged. Theme: the sea.

Entry Fee is $30.00 for non-members and $20.00 for active Brush Gallery members. Click here to see if you are an active member. Not a member? Click here to become one.
Please apply for entry to the exhibition by using the on-line form below.

SHIPPING & DELIVERY: Artists are responsible for delivery (and insurance) of work in transit to and from the Brush Gallery. Accepted quilts may be hand-delivered or shipped by UPS, FedEx or USPS. If shipped, you MUST include a pre-paid return shipping label with your quilt(s). We cannot accept credit card numbers, checks or your personal UPS/Fedex account numbers. We cannot return shipped quilts that do not include a pre-paid return shipping label.

All artwork is insured while on Gallery premises. Accepted artists will be sent an art loan/insurance valuation form to fill out, sign and return. Note: the Gallery's insurance company will require paperwork by a certified art appraiser for any claims exceeding $2500.00. You do not need to provide this paperwork unless you file a claim.

A 40% Gallery commission (30% for members) will be taken on all sales of artwork. Not a member? Click here to become one.

Important Dates:

Entry Deadline                        June 15 (delivered not postmarked)
Notification of Jury Decision      After June 20th
Delivery of work                      Due at the Brush Gallery by July 20
Exhibition opens to public          August 7
Artists’ Reception                    Saturday, August 13, 3-5 PM
Exhibition closes                      September 10
Work to be removed from
Brush Gallery                          September 11 and 12, UPS/FedEx/USPS delivered work returned.

Please note: you MUST fill this form in on-line and click submit.
Do not print out a blank form and fill it in by hand. Hand-written forms cannot be accepted.

IMPORTANT: The information you type in below will go into the exhibition's database and will be used by the juror in the selection of work and by the gallery for exhibition signs and wall labels. MAKE SURE THE INFORMATION YOU ENTER IS 100% ACCURATE!!

Fill in this on-line form. When you click SUBMIT, you will receive a confirmation/invoice by e-mail with a copy of what you have entered and with further instructions for submission of CD and entry fee.

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Delivery of Artwork

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