ART QUILTS LOWELL 2007: A National Juried Exhibition (A feature of the 2007 Lowell Quilt Festival, August 2 - 5)

August 2 through October 28, 2007

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 4, 3-5 PM Sponsored by Iris Karp and Mistyfuse ™. ART QUILTS LOWELL 2007 is a national juried exhibition. It was organized for the Brush Art Gallery in Lowell, MA. The exhibition provides an overview of art quilts by artists representing many of the states in the United States. It includes work by 36 quilt artists whose non-traditional quilts reflect the ever-expanding boundaries of the Art Quilt Movement. The exhibition, which is one of the features of the Lowell Quilt Festival, runs from August 2 to October 28, 2007. Organized by E. Linda Poras, the exhibition was selected by jurors: Rayna Gillman and Nancy Halpern, both nationally recognized quilt artists and educators. The exhibiting artists are: Fran C. Adler, MI; Shelley B. Baird, OH; Beth Carney, NY; Mary Allen Chaisson, ME; Shin-hee Chin, KS; Rachel B. Cochran, NJ; Helene F. Davis, KY; Linda B. Dunn, MA; Elizabeth W. Fram, PA;Beatriz Grayson, MA; Rosemary Hoffenberg, MA; Kristin La Flamme, CA; Anne Lullie, IL; Arlene Mathieu, CA; Denise Linet, NH; Phyllis Harper Loney, ME; Eleanor McCain, FL; Karen L. McCarthy, MA; Tricia McKellar, NC; Penny Prudden Myles, MA; Nancy J. Nash, OH; Elin Noble, MA; Pat Pauly, NY; Judith Plotner, NY; Wen Redmond, NH; Barbara Schneider, IL; Deborah Schwartzman, PA; Emmie Seaman, MO; Patti Shaw, WA; Brenda Smith, AZ; Karen N. Soma, WA; Kristen Tyler, NJ; Mary Walter, MA; Carol Ann Waugh, CO; Ruth A. White, NY, and Diane Wright, CT. 

The Brush Art Gallery is a non-profit service, education, and membership organization which provides studio facilities for artists and exhibitions and programs to educate the general public about art, culture, and the artistic process. It is located at 256 Market Street (in the National Historical Park next to the Visitor Center) in Lowell.

The Brush Art Gallery & Studios
256 Market St., Lowell, MA 01852

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